So when people started donating and we got to our

Of course most places are out of your way, but there is some places that are reasonably close, and might only take you a mile out of your way. You then just need to do the math on how many gallons you are buying and the extra mileage it takes to get their. To see if it is worth the trip..

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Furman is the master of the hunt and guerilla battle style of fighting. Mona was teaching him a lesson about the steel nerve style of standup shootouts. Both styles are a kick and a half.. The Fort Erie Friendship festival is underway from Friday, June 28th to Canada Day, Monday, July 1st, 2013! Tons of live entertainment, a talent show, vendors, a Midway and firworks! Something for everyone!There a lot to do at night about during the day? Plenty.Dinosaur Adventure Golf is a great daytime attraction, offering fun for the whole family or for that special someone in your life. Here you can enjoy a relaxing tropical setting complete with a 50 ft tall volcano and waterfall. Just watch out for the towering Dinosaurs! They provide the perfect backdrop for an incredible photo!Dinosaur Adventure Golf is located directly behind the Niagara Skywheel and is also a part of the Clifton Hill FUN PASS.

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